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Havin' a grape time!

Two and a Half Weeks


On a couple days off, two other WWOOFers, Jillian and Jenny and I went on a tramp near Queenstown and camped out in a DOC site for the night. We saw the beautiful autumn colors setting in from our view point on the top of a very large hill mountain. It was awesome. I could see the point where I had paraglided from on my third day here. After our tramp, we drove along the most beautiful road where lots of Lord of the Rings was filmed and then headed back to the campsite to be greeted by loads of sandflys. It didn't stop us from having a picnic on the lake for dinner however.

Once back in Bannockburn, we harvested more Pinot Noir grapes and also some Pinot Gris from a different vineyard. Because of the rain coming however, we have the day off which has consisted of reading, puzzleing, and teaching myself the ukulele. Pretty hard day if you ask me.

We will probably be back in action tomorrow and then once we have another couple of days off, Jill and I are planning to do the Copeland Trak which has hot pools and beautiful scenery and takes about three days to hike.

Time for lunch!

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Week One and a Half

I've survived the beautiful sunshine and friendly Kiwis!


WWOOfing here has been fantastic. As time passes, more and more WWOOFers are arriving for harvest. So far, we've made an ecclectic group of two Americans, two Germans, and two Brits and more are arriving shortly. It's been fun cooking together, playing card games and tossing the frisbee when we aren't working. I'm pretty sure I've gained more muscles from laughing then from working.

So far, we've only had one day of harvesting Pinot Noir, and a few other days pruning the Riesling vines. However, the Pinot's brix level(sugar content) was lower than anticipated and is now going to be made into Rose.

After picking the grapes, we put the grapes into the crusher/destemmer which when you turn the crank, extacts the juice. Then we pour the grape juice into a giant fermentaion bucket, which looks like a bucket used in elephant acts in the circus, and let it sit. Add the yeast, and let it turn your labor into wine!

This past weekend we had the whole weekend off and went into Queenstown for the nightlife. That was good fun and we ended up eating giant Ferburgers for breakfast. Last night we made pizzas and tonight, sushi!

While we are waiting for the rest of the grapes to ripen, I'm planning on doing a three day hike, or tramping as they call it here, and then returing for some more picking! For now, maybe a hike down to the lake and a dip in the sun!

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Beautiful New Zealand

I made it!

all seasons in one day

I have arrived in Bannockburn at last. After a long 12 hour flight followed by a two hour lay over, and another two hour flight, I was greeted by my host Richard Guthrey, who has shown me what true New Zealand style hospitality is all about. Some errands along the way to what I thought was home, turned into a half days work at one of the vineyards in Gibston. Netting, netting, and more netting for the birds. Or rather for anti-birds. Today we netted again 9-5 with lunch and tea time breaks. It's very Brittish over here.

The scenery is stunning. Surrounded by green and yellow as we come into autumn and the foliage will begin to redden and it will become even more beautiful. Ill post some pictures soon, but for now I have limited internet time. Tomorrow is the local food and wine festival in Gibston, at which I will be assisting Richard in pouring his wine-a reisling, a white blend, and two seperate vineyard pinot noirs. However, I'm sure I will also be enjoying myself and tasting other local wine and food. For now adieu, perhaps tomorrow I will post some photos.

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World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Here is the website with the information for WWOOFing specifically in New Zealand:
Check it out!

Here is the first farm I will be visiting and participating in wine harvest:

I will be arriving March 17th (St. Patty's day!) and taking it from there. I plan to stay at the first farm for harvest then head North and eventually fly out of Aukland. If you know of any places I should go, activities I should experience, or people I should meet, please let me know!

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4 days and counting...

Packing up!

Got my new netbook today! Now I can keep in touch via skype and e-mail. Getting pretty excited!

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